Thursday, August 23, 2007

King Becks

I was scouring Yahoo! News this morning (check the time stamp on this post) and a little study out of the AP: Science category caught my eye. The story was "Study: T-Rex could run up to 18 mph." Now I've always had a thing for dinosaurs, so I clicked on the link. Boy, am I glad that I did.

I'm guessing Yahoo! doesn't really notice their slip-ups at 4 in the morning.

[edit] Give me a break, it's 5 AM. If I were on Digg, I would without a doubt be told to RTFA. The whole deal was that the T-Rex could run faster than David Beckham. I feel like that a kind of dumb comparison to make, but according to the article, a professional athlete with David Beckham's build (not his ankles) would max out at 17.7 mph, just under the T-Rex's 17.9 mph. As a comparison, a bear can run over 30 mph.

Nevertheless, I've never seen David Beckham try to chase a jeep.