Monday, August 27, 2007


Sadly, it's not that a new video of the Oakland A's Elephant has arisen.

This past weekend (Friday included), our very own Boston Red Sox laid the smackdown (two words?) on the hapless Chicago White Sox. The BoSox swept the four-game series, scoring double digit runs in every contest (11-3, 10-1, 14-2, 11-1). ESPN tells me that it's the first time that has happened in a heckuva long time (Not really, St. Louis Browns in 1920 and 1922, Colorado Rockies in 1996.) After this series, the Red Sox are once again looking like the team to beat in the AL (Some people claim that they never lost that title). The White Sox, on the other hand... do not as they now have the second worst record in the majors, better only than the Devil Rays.

On a completely unrelated note, Team USA basketball cruised to an easy 113-76 victory over Brazil tonight. Prior to the tournament, many experts were pegging Brazil, complete with NBA'ers Nene and Leandrhino Barbosa as well as highly touted Spurs draftee Tiago Splitter on the roster, as the one team that could give Team USA a run for their money. Well, that's the end of that school of thought.

Team USA made it out of pool play with a 4-0 record with wins over Venezuela, the US Virgin Islands, Canada, and the aforementioned Brazil. Not only that, they did it in convincing fashion, winning by an average margin of 48.5 points. It looks like this team wants to put aside the disappointing showings in Athens and Japan and turn over a new leaf. I hope this continues, as these games are pretty entertaining, if nothing else.