Monday, October 8, 2007

The End of an Era

Photo by Flickr user hobbes8calvin used under a Creative Commons license.

If Big George is true to his word, we have seen the last of Joe Torre in a Yankees Uniform (for now). While I'm a pretty big Red Sox fan (albeit not diehard) and as such hate the Yankees, even we as Red Sox faithful recognize a job well done.

Georgie Porgie is firing a guy that before this year led the Yankees to 9 straight AL titles, only missing once before this year (when they almost overcame a 14 1/2 game deficit). Someone who has 6 pennants and 4 World Series under his belt and is 8th on the leaderboard for all-time managerial wins (2067)

As a Red Sox fan, I can safely say that I'm glad to see him go.