Monday, October 15, 2007

Power Ranking the NBA #2

After 2 weeks of preseason, it is due time for the power rankings to be shuffled a little. I don't usually put much stock in a team's performance in preseason (the Spurs have been 0-5 the last two years), but a couple things have been apparent.

Firstly, the Celtics are the cream of te crop in the East. The Big Three is stepping up and the role players mesh perfectly. I don't know if they can beat the Western heavyweights, but I have little doubt that they'd hold their own against Detroit and Cleveland.

Secondly, some teams that I thought were going to be taking the next step don't seem to agree with me. The Milwaukee Bucks have been glaringly inconsistent while the Grizzlies look like they want to be back in the hunt for OJ Mayo, Eric Gordon, and Kevin Love. Also, I realized that some of my rankings were simply ill-advised to bein with (Chicago as the top of the East).

Anyway, onto the rankings (Last week in parentheses).

1. Dallas (1): Put a hurt on a depleted version of the Spurs and still haunted by images of Baron Davis in ther dreams.

2. Houston (4): Gave up a huge lead against New Orleans in the last second, and T-Mac's back is acting up again, but try to stop all of their weapons.

3. Phoenix (3)

4. San Antonio Spurs (2):
It's funny how they always sneak up on us at the end of the season though.

5. Boston (9)

6. Utah (6)

7. Detroit (7)

8. Cleveland (11)

9. Toronto (12)

10. Chicago (5):
Not quite as good as the 5 ranking I gave them, but good enough to end a Eastern run in the rankings.

11. New Orleans (24): They were hammered by injuries last year and seem to be clicking if they stay healthy.

12. Charlotte (21):
Raymond Felton, Gerald Wallace, Emeka Okafor, Jason Richardson, Walter Hermann, etc. Not necessarily in that order.

13. Denver (13)

14. Orlando (8):
Looked great against the Heat, but who doesnt?

15. Los Angeles Lakers (14)

16. Golden State (10):
Sure when Baron is healthy they are great (against the Mavs at least), but how often will that be the case?

17. New York (20)

18. Washington (17)

19. New Jersey (15)

20. Los Angeles Clippers (19)

21. Memphis (16):
Might just be trying to surprise the league. Also might just be bad.

22. Miami (18)

23. Portland (22)

24. Indiana (26)

25. Milwaukee (23):
Maybe when Yi comes around they'll move up, but not yet.

26. Seattle (28)

27. Atlanta (27)

28. Philadelphia (29)

29. Sacramento (30)

30. Minnesota (25):
The Baby Celtics look like they might be good in about 3 years. They also might benefit from giving Randy Foye and Al Jeff some PT.