Friday, November 9, 2007

NBA Picks 11/9

Yesterday's picks: 1-2

So in my featured game last night, I picked Dallas over Golden State. However, I orginally intended to pick all 0-win teams, and forgot to change my pick of Golden State at the last minute. Last time this happened, I gave myself the leftover win, which means this time I will take the leftover loss. I'm going to give myself the featured game though. This means I would have gone 3-0 if I wasn't dumb and Gilbert could hit a shot.

Today's games (lots of them):

INDIANA at Charlotte
TORONTO at Philadelphia
ORLANDO at New York
PHOENIX at Miami
Atlanta at BOSTON
Clippers at DETROIT
Memphis at PORTLAND
Minnesota at LAKERS
CLEVELAND at Sacramento
UTAH at Seattle
San Antonio at NEW ORLEANS

Featured game: Milwaukee at Houston

There is one reason why I would feature this game over any of the others (other than that none of the others are particularly interesting). Actually there are 200 million reasons. That is the 200 million expected viewers in China tuning into to see the marquee match-up of Yi vs. Yao. 200 million people is more than live in Brazil. It's more than France, the UK, Italy and Spain combined. The Bucks are developing nicely and Yi has to be out performing everyone's expectations. However, the Rockets are the established squad here going for a title nd they are laying in Houston. Moreover, who's going to defend Yao on that Bucks team? Andrew Bogut? Give me a break.