Sunday, January 13, 2008

Athletic and Trendy?

In case you weren't satisfied by your Chanel Football, Fashion Designer Takashi Murakami introduces us to a new high (Courtesy of the Pure Point Gal).

We all know that to the rest of the world, soccer is the real football. We also know that it's probably a lot cooler to be European (or in this case, Japanese) than American right now. So imagine how awesome you'd look if seen kicking this $400 bad boy around Rodeo Drive in your new... this is as far as my haute couture knowledge goes...

That's why I'm officially introducing Sara, better known as the Pure Point Gal, as the site's new Non-Sports Editor to give weekly (hopefully, we all have seen what weekly seems to mean on this blog, sorry Stro and Coop) updates on the world of sports outside of sports. Hopefully this will help attract a new audience to the site (Babes? Ladies...?), or actually just about anyone at all.