Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mike James is on the move again

According to Yahoo! Expert Adrien Wojnarowski, Houston is close to sending Mike James and Bonzi Wells to New Orleans in exchange for Bobby Jackson and Adam Haluska.

Why this trade makes sense:

For Houston, Mike James meant a decently sized contract (13 million left) with proportionately low production (as in zero). With the emergence of rookie Aaron Brooks, his boxscore was filled with DNP-CD's. Ridding themselves of that burden was one move that Houston needed to make if they are thinking more about the future than winning this year, which seems like the safe bet to make with how the West is looking.

For New Orleans, the only thing that was keeping them from being a truly elite team was a deep bench. Although Mike James doesnt get the burn that he did in the beginning of the season, there really was no indication of a dropoff in production. Moreover, Bonzi Wells was a very solid sixth man for the Rockets and could be just what the doctor order to back up Peja Stojakovic. With these additions, the Hornets will be easily be able to go 7 or 8 deep and keep up with the second teams of Phoenix, San Antonio, and the like.

Why this trade didn't make sense:

I understand getting rid of Mike James, but why get Bobby Jackson in return, another aging back-up point guard? Despite his previous 6th man glory, Jackson will no doubt be buried in the depth chart behind Aaron Brooks, if not also Luther Head. This Rockets team already has a plethora of point guards/undersized shooting guards (Alston, Head, Brooks, Francis), but puts a premium on guys with Bonzi Wells' make-up. To whom will they turn to back up Tracy McGrady now? KIRK [edit: My bad, I always get them mixed up] Snyder? Do they go small with Aaron Brooks at the point and Bobby Jackson/Luther Head playing the 2? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me (hence the title of this section).

The verdict:

The trade is unquestionably good for the Hornets. It is the move they needed to make to keep up with the rest of the Western Elite.

For the Rockets, I don't think the trade will have much impact on their gameplay at all. It does save them a lot of money though, which I guess is a good thing. The only thing is if T-Mac gets injured, as he is wont to do, the Rockets won't really have any one to turn to.


grungedave said...

This is a great trade for the Rockets. Luther Head is more of a two guard who can't make a post entry pass. Bonzi played no defense. Mike James refuses to pass the ball. Aaron Brooks is a rookie who may be overwhelmed by the playoffs.

Bobby Jackson, while aging, is a veteran playoff performer who can backup Rafer and also close out the 4th Q.

oh, and the guy's name is KIRK Snyder. Not Kyle.