Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Less Than Triumphant Return

Now that I have returned to the working world, it seems apt that I return to the blogosphere as well.

However, rather than jump in in the middle of the NBA Playoffs, I've decided to hold off a little bit on my NBA blogging. You'll see tidbits of MLB coverage and maybe a smattering of Roland Garros here and there as I pretend to be a panathletic writer, but the real return of NBA writing won't come until the draft combines and then in full force with my annual liveblogging of the NBA Draft, which is in my opinion, the most exciting day of the year.

In the meantime...

1. Read this Ziller piece about combo guards.
2. Pre-order the Free Darko book.
3. Check out everything on The X's and O's of Basketball.
4. Wonder why you never thought of being a mechaphiliac.