Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The ACC should be fun next year

The deadline for underclassmen to pull out of the draft has come and gone and a few bigger names have pulled before their respective loads were blown.

First, a trio of Tarheels, Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington, and Danny Green, have decided to stick with Psycho T and keep together a team that should undoubtedly be the one to beat going into the season.

Arizona Forward and the best volleyball player since Karch Kiraly, Chase Budinger, was being project in the mid-first round, which seemed to be good enough for him. This was until he realized that probably 30 people were slotted to between 15 and 25, at which point he dropped out to rejoin the Wildcats for another disappointing season.

Other big names to pull out of the draft included Robert Dozier (Memphis), Ronald Steele (Arkansas), Jeremy (I'm not Jannero) Pargo (Gonzaga), and Stephon (Don't call me Stephen) Jackson (UTEP).

Bill Walker surprisingly stayed in the draft despite hurting his knee in a workout over the weekend. My suspicions are that he just overslept the deadline or was watching Kung Fu Panda and forgot.

Remember we are live-blogging the draft at 7 PM ET on June 26th. Hopefully we can get the whole crew together for this. Be there or be not as cool as the people who are.