Friday, June 13, 2008

Forgotten Story of Last Night's Game

The new "There Can Only Be One Video," showing a compilation of every single previous one, including some added footage and crazy videos everywhere.

I may be no stranger to hyperbole, but this was one of the best commercials I have ever seen. I was ridiculous; I couldn't keep my eyes off of the awesomeness. How many man-hours went into producing that thing? How did they get everyone to speak, move their head and blink at exactly the same rate? You notice during the full head shots, that they have some players tilt their heads up and down, left and right, so that all of the facial features lined up between what must have been at least 20 players.

Somehow the video hasn't hit the NBA channel on Youtube yet, but when it does, you can be sure that I'll have that thing on repeat for a while.

[edit] Here it is:

[edit] After a couple of viewings, I thought I noticed that some teams were notably absent from the video. To research this, I tried to list every player who appears in split or full screen. Note that this was very difficult between the 0:08 and 0:10 mark, as probably every single player appears within those two seconds.

By team, in order of appearance. Split-second appearances are denoted by an asterisk.

  • Boston Celtics: KG, Pierce*, Pierce, KG, Pierce, KG, KG
  • Detroit Pistons: Prince, Billups*, Prince, Billups
  • Orlando Magic: Howard, Lewis*, Howard
  • Cleveland Cavaliers: Lebron*, Lebron*, Lebron, Lebron
  • Washington Wizards: Haywood*, Haywood*, Jamison
  • Toronto Raptors: Calderon, Bosh*
  • Philadelphia 76ers: Dalembert, Iguodala*
  • Atlanta Hawks: Bibby*, Bibby, Bibby

  • LA Lakers: Gasol, Fisher*, Fisher*, Fisher, Kobe, Kobe, Fisher, Kobe
  • New Orleans Hornets: West*, Paul
  • San Antonio Spurs: Duncan*, Duncan
  • Utah Jazz: Williams*
  • Houston Rockets: McGrady*
  • Phoenix Suns: Nash, Amare*, Nash, Shaq
  • Dallas Mavericks: Nowitzki*, Kidd
  • Denver Nuggets: Anthony*, Anthony*, Camby

    Obviously, Houston and Utah kind of get the shaft here. Maybe I missed some frames, but to ask you to go back and check would be asking you to watch the video, list all the players, and then compare it to my list, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone else. I'm a little obsessed though.