Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mission statement

Photo by Flickr user Radiospike Photography used under a Creative Commons license.

As the blog grows in popularity, I feel like I should make a note about the ideology of our site. I think it's important for smaller (Read: non-Deadspin, Fanhaus) sports blogs to have a certain personality that typifies the type of athletes, plays and even sports they like.

Everybody knows what it is to be "Free Darko". We know the philosophies of Basketbawful and FIRE JOE MORGAN and Awful Announcing. We even have an idea of what to expect from Babes Love Baseball and Hardwood Paroxysm.

So what does Pure Point stand for?

Well, first of all, Pure Point is sort of a misnomer, because we clearly aren't exemplified by the John Stockton's of the world. To explain what it means to be "Pure Point" (as an adjective, not a noun), let me break it down for you.

First, there's the Pure. Pure, pristine, unadulterated, virgin, untouched.

We are the beauty of the unseen. We are the possibilities of the unknown.

We are the draft more than the playoffs. We are Tremendous Upside Potential.

We are the stars the media forgot. We are the ones that they haven't seen yet.

We are Shaun Livingston, Gerald Green and Gael Monfils. Justin Upton, Billy Butler, and Scoville Jenkins.

We are almost everyone on the Oakland A's.

We are Chase Budinger playing volleyball. We are the 2005 Portland Sea Dogs.

We are Slamball, Net Ball, Push Ball, and Takraw.

We are the naturals. We are the Pure.

And then there's the Point.

We like things to have a purpose, a role, an identifiable responsibility that can be clearly seen and pointed out.

We like pure points (coincidentally), speed demons, big boppers, Three Outcomes, garbage men, and spot-up shooters.

We like Chuck Hayes, Rajon Rondo, Petteri Kopponen, Jared Jordan, Jason Kapono, Anderson Varejao, Ronny Turiaf and J.J. Redick.

We like Michael Bourn, Carlos Gomez, Ichiro, Adam Dunn and Jack Cust.

We like pretty much all set-up men.

We like Shaun Livingston, Shaun Livingston, Shaun Livingston.

We like teams that are a well-functioning machine of separate parts rather than a hodgepodge of combo guys and do-it-alls.

We like things to have a Point.

And there you have it. Now you know what it means to be "Pure Point".

[This is one of the least Pure Point posts we've ever written.]


Alexander Dietz said...

I would say the "virgin" part is probably right on.

Anonymous said...

NICE SITE. Thanks for the shoutout.
New 2008 SlamBall season coming this Fall.