Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NBA Finals Game 3 Drinking Game

Photo by Flickr user Drunken Monkey used under a Creative Commons license.

Game 3 of the NBA Finals is quickly approaching and what better way to prepare than to devise a [somewhat] elaborate drinking game.

[Note: For the purposes of this blog, assume that the beverages being imbibed are non-alcoholic. The Pure Point Blog is in no way promoting excessive consumption of alcohol.]

Celtics Fans

Take a sip whenever:
  • Rondo dribbles baseline past a clear basket with no attempt at a lay-up or passes up a wide open shot with no one converging.
  • KG screams or pounds his chest on camera.
  • Any Celtic is called for an illegal screen.
  • Leon Powe makes a freethrow.
  • Brian Scalabrine is seen cheering on the sideline.

    Take a shot whenever:
  • A commentator compares a Celtic bench player to an all-time great.
  • A Doc Rivers motivational speech is soundbyted.
  • Cassell's giant huevos make an appearance.
  • The following words are said at all: Thibodeau, Inglewood, Shuttlesworth, Rondo'd.

    Chug if:
  • Brian Scalabrine or Scot Pollard make an appearance in the game.
  • One of the big three is wheelchaired into the locker room.
  • Celtics win.

    Lakers Fans

    Take a sip whenever:
  • Gasol grabs an offensive rebound.
  • A Laker has to come out of the game with foul trouble.
  • Rad-man takes a three.
  • Trevor Ariza touches the ball.
  • Jack Nicholson is seen yelling on the sideline.

    Take a shot whenever:
  • A commentator makes reference to the free throw disparity in the series.
  • Phil Jackson whistles on camera.
  • A Laker is called for a technical/flagrant foul.
  • The following words are said at all: Tinseltown, Machine, Mamba, Grizzlies.

    Chug if:
  • Lakers put 5 white guys on the floor, counting Farmar as white.
  • Kobe scores 20 points in a single quarter, or 50 for the game.
  • Celtics win.

    Have fun.


    Alena said...

    Take a sip if: Lakers win on Christmas
    Take a shot if: Lakers beat Celtics at Christmas.
    Chug if: Lakers OWN Celtics at Christmas.