Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rajon Rondo does not know how long an hour is

From his Yardbarker blog, 3 days ago:

U wanna waste an hour and 8 minutes of your life? I did. I JUST GOT RONDO'D. I just saw the worst movie. I thought I would just have a chill night tonight. We had a team dinner earlier today, and after that, I thought I would come back to the room and watch a movie with my family. Soooo...we took a vote and decided on "One Missed Call." Hands down it was the wackest, most horrible, sorry, miserable, lousy, inappropriate, disappointing, pathetic, deplorable, atrocious, awful movie I've ever seen in my life. I wanted to call the front desk and ask for my money back. I can not believe that movie was that bad. It definitely made my top 3 worst movies list.

Now, sadly, I've seen "One Missed Call" as well, and there's no hyperbole with that assessment. However, I was somewhat astonished with the precison that Rondo elected to use when describing the length of movie.

An hour and 8 minutes? That's a pretty short movie, by any means. A quick glance at the film's IMDB page tells me that it is, in fact, a full 87 minutes long.

So either Rondo thinks that an hour is 79 minutes, or he turned it off with 20 minutes to go (more likely).

I'm not ruling out the option that he might need to take a couple booster courses at Bunker Hill though.

(no hate)