Monday, June 16, 2008

Still Living-ston

In a time of pointing fingers and doubt cast over the league, some light emerges out of the darkness.

Some of you might remember Shaun Livingston as the amazingly talent-ridden, tall, slightly-built Clippers guard who literally ripped his knee off last year, completely tearing his ACL, MCL, PCL, and lateral meniscus on a seemingly benign breakaway lay up. That same Shaun Livingston has been cleared to resume basketball-related activites, and has even regained his dunking ability already (though he is 6'7" and lanky, so take that into account).

Pure Point views Livingston is a sort of patron saint of our blog (along with Gerald Green and Gael Monfils), so hearing that he is playing basketball, let alone walking again, is music to our ears.

We realize that his crestfallen feet may well never set foot on an NBA court again, that Elton Brand might never again be on the receiving end of one of his magical passes, that we might never see the 27 point, 16 assist, 4 steal, 8 block line that we hoped to see from this kid as he was drafted out of high school and subsequently somehow landed on every single one of our fantasy teams (Pure Point is surprisingly not very good at fantasy basketball) until his freak injury.

We know that the chances for him to come back are still slim, as we saw another one of our favorites, Jay Williams, go down and never quite make it back up. However, we're still holding out hope that Shaun perseveres, proving that his once-in-a-lifetime basketball mind is still there, even if his formerly explosive body isn't quite.

That's enough cliches for now.

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