Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summing up the prospects in six words

Photo by Flickr user tasty vu used under a Creative Commons license.

The NBA Draft is fast approaching, and despite my pledge to continue my tradition of live-blogging the night's festivities, I have yet to make anything resembling a preview post. So here we go, six words for each prospect ranked in the ESPN Top 30.

  • 1. Derrick Rose: Pretty indecisive for Jason Kidd's replacement

  • 2. Michael Beasley: The spitting image of Carmelo Anthony

  • 3. O.J. Mayo: Made biggest splash in high school

  • 4. Jerryd Bayless: Talented but does not win much

  • 5. Russell Westbrook: Hollinger lists him as a bust

  • 6. Danilo Gallinari: Better than both Bargnani and Bellinelli

  • 7. Kevin Love Taller, fatter version of Wes Unseld

  • 8. Joe Alexander: Someone is going to get Pittsnogle'd

  • 9. Eric Gordon: If only head were less fat

  • 10. D.J. Augustin: Solid point in a top-heavy class

  • 11. Brook Lopez: His nickname should probably be Batman

  • 12. Kosta Koufos: What the industry calls "a project"

  • 13. Brandon Rush: Senior in a sea of freshmen

  • 14. Anthony Randolph: Might have benefited from another year

  • 15. Darrell Arthur: Kansas could be this year’s Florida

  • 16. Marreese Speights: Filled big shoes after Horford, Noah

  • 17. Alexis Ajinca: Yi Jianlian without the holdout possibility

  • 18. Mario Chalmers: Comes in as ready as ever

  • 19. Robin Lopez: Overshadowed by both brother and girlfriend

  • 20. Donte Greene: Someone could get a steal here

  • 21. J. J. Hickson: Every team could use a bruiser

  • 22. Serge Ibaka: Don’t expect him to come over

  • 23. DeAndre Jordan: Top 5 talent. Motor, less so

  • 24. Roy Hibbert: Should have come out last year

  • 25. Nicolas Batum: French team probably pretty good now

  • 26. JaVale McGee: Wouldn't call him a "workout wonder"

  • 27. Chris Douglas-Roberts: Never lost at one-on-one

  • 28. Courtney Lee: Has range from pretty much anywhere

  • 29. Ante Tomic: Maybe this year’s Tiago Head Splitter

  • 30. D.J. White: Shorter than listed, but plays huge

    Remember to tune on Thursday as we liveblog the festivities because we are clearly more interesting than Skeets and KD.


    Ryne Nelson said...

    Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful if Stephen A. was limited to only sixe words at a time!

    Loren said...

    Stephen A. only needs one, "HOWEVA"

    But yes, the world would be a better place.