Thursday, July 31, 2008

Living a Lie: Off the Deep End

Living a Lie will be a weekly installment delving into the annals of the world of fantasy sports and will hopefully run until the end of the baseball season.

This is the first and last "Living a Lie" installment in July, as I was kind of stumped on material.

This installment will be about positional depth. Entering the season, second base was regarded as one of the thinnest fantasy positions there was. It was this fact that propelled Chase Utley (along with simply being great) to his Mike Piazza-esque first round ADP.

But as we near the 100-game mark, the position has proven to be much deeper than expected. Ian Kinsler, leading off in a remarkably potent Texas line-up, is currently the second ranked player in the League by Yahoo! rankings. Rounding out the top 50, other than Kinsler (2) and Utley (5), we have Brandon Phillips (16 HR, 22 SB), Dan Uggla (26 HR), and Dustin Pedroia (.314 AVG, 73 runs). In a 12-team league, that's 5 players performing like they deserve to picked in the first 4 rounds of a fantasy draft.

Moving further along, BJ Upton and Brian Roberts have provided a whole lot of speed (59 SB between them). Robinson Cano, Alexei Ramirez and Howie Kendrick seem to be putting together great fantasy second halves that will rival any of the aforementioned two-baggers. So that's already ten very solid options and I haven't even mentioned Ryan Theriot, Chone Figgins, Jeff Baker, Jose Lopez, Mike Aviles, Placido Polanco, Yunel Escobar, Orlando Hudson, and anyone else that I may have missed.

That is certainly enough talent to fill out a league.