Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obligatory Favre Post

Well here it is folks, the obligatory Favre post. So as many of you know Favre wants back into Football and wants to be released. He refuses to give Green Bay a list of teams that he would accept a trade to, while the Packers front office desperately tries to get some compensation in return for Favre. Good luck.

At this point it is a PR nightmare for all involved. If the pack let Favre go, or even trade him many Favre obsessed cheese heads will simply watch whatever new team he plays for. If the pack bench him they will have more angry fans than any team in the country who will likely go to games just to boo the team (and cheer Favre on the bench). On the other hand Favre just looks like a massive jackass for forcing the team into this position with his waffling back and forth.

My proposal to "fix" the situation? Convince Favre to take a coaching job, and hire him as the Quarterback coach for the pack. It might be the only way out of this situation at this point. And who knows, maybe Favre can be convinced to merely stay close to the game rather than play.

O and here is a treat for all you gamers out there, one of my favorite parodies of both Madden and Dungeons and Dragons