Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No village for USA Basketball

I was talking to my sister yesterday as she returned from a trip to Vancouver, and she discloses that on her flight out, she sat next to none other than Juli Boeheim and her three kids, who were flying out to Beijing.

The conversation went something like this:

Sister: On the flight, we sat next to someone who said that she was the wife of the assistant coach of the Men's Basketball Team, but I don't remember the name.
Me: Well, there are a few assistant coaches. Was she Black or White?
Sister: White.
Me: Judging by the fact that she is sitting in coach class and doesn't have a direct flight to Beijing, it is probably Jim Boeheim's wife. [pulls up a picture of Boeheim and wife]
Sister: Yeah, that's right.

They had a conversation during the flight, in which two things were disclosed.

1. The Olympic committee wouldn't pay for their flight out to Beijing, hence the sitting in coach and stopping in Vancouver. Moreover, they weren't even able to secure tickets to all the basketball games let alone the ceremonies. Can't they arrange that for them?

2. Neither they nor any members of the USA basketball team is living in the Olympic village. Instead, they are staying in a hotel in Beijing. Apparently, in all the years of Boeheim being a national team coach, they have never lived in the Olympic village.

So much for needing those 100,000 condoms.