Friday, August 22, 2008

Olympians love sex

Maybe I'm the only the one who missed out on this rumor, but apparently it seems to be common knowledge that all the Olympians have crazy, hot sex all the time in the Olympic Village. Since you must actually be in the Olympics to have access to the Olympic Village, here are supposedly some of the easiest Olympic sports. You might try skeleton, which I had never heard of before today; it consists of racing head first down an icy track, and you're especially lucky if you're female since it seems to be a heavily male-dominated sport. At least with skeleton you'll probably be able to maintain much more dignity than telling people that you're competing in handball. Yes, that's right, handball is an official Olympic sport.

Slawomir Szmal of Poland blocking the shot from Snorri Steinn Gudjonsson of Iceland in the Men's Quarterfinal match between Iceland and Poland in Beijing.


Loren said...

lol at first real post