Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Headlines

  • Phelps is a beast: 6 events, 6 golds, 6 world records. Pure domination. But can he swim faster than Chad Ocho Cinco?

  • Gym-Nastia is Liukin good: Nastia Liukin had a near flawless all-around final to secure gold. Shawn Johnson came up big when it mattered, scoring 15.025 on the floor to nab the silver by a mere 0.075 points. The real question is, are male gymnasts the gayest straight men in the world, or the straightest gay men?

  • Newsflash: The US is Hellas good: The US Men's Basketball Team brushed off their first "big" challenge, beating Greece by a score of 92-69. Other scores of note: Yao keeps China's hopes alive, scoring 30 in a 85-68 win over Angola. Spain routs Dirk, 72-59.

  • Call of the night: Whoever the announcer is on CBC, calling Round 2 of the Men's 100m dash: "And here comes Dix pumping hard!." Dix finished second to Asafa Powell in the heat with a time of 10.08. Video of the event not found.

    [edit] Is anyone else excited about the prospect of a Gay-Dix-Bolt heat? How about Bolt-Burns-Gay-Dix?

  • Add another to your list of hot female Olympians you've never heard of and never will again: Almudena Cid, Leryn Franco, most of the German team, and now Victoria Pendleton. Downside: Despite most of the above not being in contention for a medal, they all could probably still maim you in some way in your quest to lock them in your basement.