Friday, August 1, 2008

Yao Ming talks about Olympics, new Hexride shoe

Paul Dalessio of Reebok via Fleischman-Hillard sends over this pretty exclusive (71 views at the time of this posting) interview of Yao Ming talking about what it means for him to play in Beijing this summer, and also touching on his new Reebok Omni Hexride shoe, A.K.A the baddest ass shoe I have ever seen (what's an ass-shoe?). I'm really surprised as to how far along Yao's English has come, and I've noticed his fluency in a lot of recent interviews. Midway through the interview, he inexplicably switches to speaking in Chinese, but that's OK.

[edit]I expect that view count to skyrocket after the video was linked to by the Blog Father. Just remember, it was here first (note the video still claims 0 sites linking to this video).