Monday, July 16, 2007

Ahhhhhh Free Cow!

So I was previously pretty outspoken about how I disagreed with the overwhelming praise for Seattle's draft day, saying that:

They basically did what Atlanta did in three years within the span of an hour.

My discontent was that they had many of their best players (Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, Chris Wilcox, Nick Collison) stuck between two positions. They dealt with the Rashard Lewis situation, as expected, but now they've shown that Kevin Durant and Jeff Green can play on the same court, as they combined for 60 points in their final summer league game.

It remains to be seen if this kind of performance can be repeated during the regular season, and how Wilcox and Collison will fit into the mess of forwards. I still stand by my original statement, but I think I have to stick in some reservation after that performance.