Friday, August 17, 2007

Floor Commander-In-Chief

Commenter JW on FreeDarko opens our eyes to this ABC News footage of Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, in his younger, probably more limber years. Apparently Barack was quite the balla playing D-III ball at Occidental. He even led them in scoring one year.

Obama is wearing number 23 on the blue team. Look how he controls the floor, I'd certainly extrapolate that leadership ability to governing our nation.


Word comes in from Nate at Hoops is Global, who is an alumnus of Occidental College, that Obama never actually played college ball.

As an alumnus of Occidental and an unabashed fan of Obama's, I had never heard that he was the team's leading scorer. In fact, in "Dreams From My Father" he doesn't mention playing basketball at Oxy at all. I emailed Oxy's head basketball coach, Brian Newhall, who was a freshman at Oxy in 1979 - so he overlapped "Barry" for that one year. Coach Newhall said that Obama never played varsity basketball at Oxy. "My recollection is that Barry played in open gym pre-season pick up games and then chose not to continue. Various stories have been floating around. My memory is bad, but I do not remember him playing on our JV team."

So despite what Sports Review Magazine says, Barack Hussein Obama was not the leading scorer on a strong Occidental squad, he wasn't even on the team. And Tony Kornheiser calls David Beckham a fraud, yeesh.