Friday, August 17, 2007

Jonathan Lee Riches strikes again

Avid readers, or people who are awake, might remember Jonathan Lee Riches from such lawsuits as "Michael Vick stole my animals and sold them on eBay for terrorism funds".

Well, he has a new target: none other than the new home run king (Sadaharu Oh?) and our good friend, Barold Lamarcus Bonds.

Riches now claims that among other things, Bonds sent hitmen to his residence after he threatened to reveal his steroid usage in 2004, gave mustard gas to Saddam Hussein, and selling steroids to nuns. He seeks 42,000,000.00 million dollars in Swiss Francs (I'm pretty sure that is a defunct currency and who requests a dollar amount in Swiss francs?) for these damages.

I'm guessing that Riches was annoyed at the time it took for Fox News to break his Vick case, so he went for another one. In any case, I know what story I'm going to be submitting to Digg in three weeks...

[Hat-tip to Nerds on Sports for this one. Being a nerd writing on sports myself, I feel like that site has a nice little pull on me. And they were the first blogroll that Pure Point ever made *tear*]

[edit] DC Scrap ran this story on Epic Carnival with the same title as mine and the same closing joke. I realize that both were obvious choices and it's most likely purely coincidental since I doubt DC Scrap reads my blog, so I'm not saying he plagiarized me. I just don't want people thinking that I plagiarized him, so note that my post came 3 hours before his.