Thursday, August 23, 2007

I should have thought of this

Photo by Flickr user steve9567 used under a Creative Commons license

The New York Times Magazine ran a question this week from a puzzled intern that read like this:

A journalism major at college, I was delighted to land an internship at a national magazine. My editor asked me to post comments on one of the magazine’s online blogs, being sure not to mention my working for the magazine but to write in a style that suggests I’m a reader. That felt dirty to me. Advice? — Nick McCarvel, Seattle

It was later revealed by Jim Romenesko via MDS on AOL Fanhaus that the magazine in question was Tennis Magazine.

I think we all know that the editors of said magazine need some lessons in integrity and ethics. But it's not like the Tennis Magazine blog is some fledgling source that is trying to cement itself as a newsworthy site (as yours truly may be). I feel like the extra comments were kind of unneeded in their case.

Next thing we know, we'll hear that all of the trolls on the ESPN message boards are actually just Sean Salisbury and Michael Kim trying to incite conversation...


Jack Attack said...

Jesus, that editor is an awful person. What kind of person would do that.

I wish everyone was as good of a blogger as you, Loren.

P.S. will you marry me?

Loren said...

Yeah, I don't know what compels some people to make it look like their sites have readers.

Sorry Jack Attack, this pure pointer is currently taken.