Friday, August 24, 2007

Who chooses the music?

Photo by Flickr user dedde` used under a Creative Commons license.

I was watching the US Open Series Pilot Pen match today between Elena Dementieva and Svetlana Kuznetsova, and during a changeover they started blaring "Wang Chung".

What is the purpose of music in this situation? Is it supposed to keep the crowd interested? The players pumped up? In any case, I feel like they can do better than "Wang Chung."

As a side note, there was a whole thing where the on-court reporter was talking about Dementieva's hydration equipment. She said that Elena had 3 bottles, one of which was filled with a red liquid that she knew was not water, and 2 that were filled with a clear water-like substance. The investigative reporter that she was, when Dementieva was not looking, she took a swig out of one of the bottles out of curiosity, and found that "it was definitely not water." She said something about it giving her a little more energy or having some zip, but I wasn't exactly sure what she was implying there. Vodka? Red Bull? Steroids? I feel like reporters should be less vague. And probably shouldn't be sneaking drinks out of the players' bottles (Don't tennis courts have security measures to fend against things like this?).