Sunday, August 19, 2007

This week in blogging: Sunday link splash

TWIB (unrelated to the FOX show) will be a recurring feature highlighting the best and brightest entries into the sports blagodome of the past week.

  • The Oakland A's elephant can really shake 'em down. [Say Hey]
  • Weekly NBA Vocabulary Lesson: Matador Defense. [Basketbawful]
  • Getting to know Damage Young. [DC Sports Bog]
  • A look into the best rappers in the NBA. No TP? [Half Court Heave]
  • New 49ers QB: Name Lastname. [Laugh at the World]
  • An exclusive interview with Jose Offerman [Babes Love Baseball]
  • Shoals' opinion on link sharing. I didn't listen very hard. [FreeDarko]
  • How fast is a fastball? [Nerds on Sports]
  • Possibly the greatest golf shot ever [Six Pack Sports Report]
  • The long awaited launch of Alexander Dietz [Alexander Dietz]
  • Who wants to be my weekend editor? [Facebook]

    And just for good measure...

  • FOX news is slightly more on the ball than last time. Only a three day lapse in reporting this time. [FOX news]


    Sooze said...

    Thanks for the link! Sweet blog.