Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NBA Picks 11/21

Yesterday's picks: 6-2

I think I need to be a little more conservative with my featured game (i.e. not Atlanta over San Antonio) especially if I want to keep up with a surging Tas (because we all know he's the brains of the operation). In any case, my upsets went relatively went yesterday (except for the upsets...) and there are a lot of chances for me to mess up today.

Today's games:

  • Washington at CHARLOTTE
  • Golden State at BOSTON
  • ATLANTA at Miami
  • LAKERS at Bucks
  • Toronto at MEMPHIS
  • CLEVELAND at Minnesota
  • Indiana at NEW ORLEANS
  • New York at DETROIT
  • Orlando at SAN ANTONIO
  • Sacramento at PHOENIX
  • New Jersey at PORTLAND
  • DENVER at Clippers

  • Featured game: Dallas at Houston

    I pick a fairly disportionate (I'm not sure that is a word) amount of Rockets games to be featured. There are a few reasons to this. Firstly, they are a good team, which makes them more likely to be fetured than bad teams will only be featured on slow days, or in an upset. Secondly, they play in the league's hardest division, which means more match ups against other hard teams, including in-state rivals and fellow powerhouses Dallas and San Antonio, which probably will always be featured. Lastly, they are my favorite team, so I guess I'm biased. Today, they welcome McGrady back which should provide an added spark while Luis Scola and Shane Battier hopefully keep contributing like they have been. I don't my Rocks losing 6 straight, so I'm praying for a mercy win here.
    Winner: HOUSTON

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