Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Reaching out to a different audience

The Pure Point Gal sent a tip my way as she is wont to do in the best of times.

So she was leafing the December issue of Cosmo today, and passed along to me what the latest installment of the Man Manual had to offer, the "brand-spanking-new info from the guy world that [they] just had to share.

"Not all sports fans are beer-guzzling meatheads. Check out Deadspin.com, where guys get gossip on all kinds of off-the-field drama, like who's brawling with whom and who's sleeping around on his wife."

I'm pretty sure those juicy gossip items are few and far between and I'm not sure if even the most desperate of women are going to be leafing through Leitch's 165 posts per week looking for that perfect conversation starter.

I wonder how much Leitch paid for that little link drop...