Friday, November 23, 2007

NBA Picks 11/23

Yesterday's picks: 0-0

Today's games:

  • GOLDEN STATE at Washington
  • Charlotte at ORLANDO
  • Lakers at CELTICS
  • DALLAS at Indiana
  • HOUSTON at Miami
  • Philadelphia at DETROIT
  • Memphis at SAN ANTONIO
  • Clippers at SUNS
  • Kings at BLAZERS
  • Nets at SONICS

  • Featured game: New Orleans at Jazz

    These two teams are itching to be considered along side San Antonio, Dallas, and Phoenix as the cream of the west and when they are completely healthy, they should be. There's a little rivalry between Chris Paul and Deron Williams due to their being selecting in the same draft in the same Lebron-Carmelo, GODE-Durantula way. Honestly, I think the Jazz are the better team. They have a better starting line-up, better bench, and a better coach than the Hornets. However, I'm getting great odds to pick the Hornets, so I will with a caveat (yes... continuing my streak of losses).
    Winner: NEW ORLEANS