Saturday, November 24, 2007

NBA Picks 11/24

Yesterday's picks: 8-4

God, I wish this week would be over. 3 straight losses on the featured game. I should probably just pick an easy one. But then I'd jinx it. Also today, I missed picking the first two games of the day.

Today's games:

  • Miami at ORLANDO
  • Golden State at PHILADELPHIA
  • BOSTON at Charlotte
  • WASHINGTON at Memphis
  • ATLANTA at Minnesota
  • DALLAS at Milwaukee
  • NEW ORLEANS at Clippers

  • Featured game: Denver at Houston

    I lied when I said I was going to pick an easy game. I mean I can't just give up. This is a perfect opportunity for the Rockets to snap out of their funk. They're at home, and lying against a team that will let you play how you want. Though the Nuggets are a good team in their own right, because of their style, they tend to get destroyed by the superpowers (Re: the Celtics game). This might be the chance for the Rockets to pick up ther game and continue dominating lke they did before T-Mac went down. Right now, I'm going to hedge my bets a little though (you all know I'm a Rockets fan) because I'd feel really bad if I personally sent my team to a 7 game losing streak.
    Winner: DENVER