Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NBA Picks 11/28

2 Days ago's picks: 1-7

Sorry for not having picks yesterday. My world was so rocked by the games on Monday that I decided to stay up all night, then sleep from 10 am until 8 pm, and then stay up since then. Seriously though, 6 big upsets in a day and the one I pick is the one that doesn't happen. Come on.

Today's games:

  • MILWAUKEE at Atlanta
  • Memphis at TORONTO
  • UTAH at Philadelphia
  • Washington at SAN ANTONIO
  • Minnesota at DALLAS
  • Houston at PHOENIX
  • Golden State at SACRAMENTO
  • ORLANDO at Seattle
  • Indiana at PORTLAND

  • Featured game: Cleveland at Detroit

    Conventional wisdom tells us that a power team will not be upset twice in a row. Not as conventional of thought says that teams will not overperform in back-to-back games. This has already been proven wrong several times this season (Re: Bucks, Pacers, Lakers, Blazers). So what do we have in line for the Cavs one day after they beat the Celtics? For another team, I might say that they step and take down the Pistons at home. After all, these are not your older brothers Pistons, especially if Sheed doesn't play. The Cavaliers are, by all measurable standards (except the standings), the better team right now. Lebron had another monster game against the Celtics, but it was really the supporting cast that stepped up to seal the win, with a big night from Gooden nd help from Z as well. However, I don't think we see that kind of output 2 nights in a row from a team. Especially not after their game goes into overtime and they have to travel during the night and go into a stadium full of angry fans while still probably pretty drowsy. Teams on winning streaks can take games off too right?
    Winner: DETROIT