Thursday, November 29, 2007

NBA Picks 11/29

Yesterday's picks: 6-4

Rockets seem to be better than I give them credit for. Which means that if I pick them now, theyre going to get blown out.

Today's games:

  • New York at BOSTON
  • HOUSTON at Golden State

  • Featured game: Denver at Lakers

    This is a battle of the forgotten teams in the West. Both are regarded as "very dangerous", and yet are poised to just sneak into the playoffs at the 7 and 8 spot in the West. Kobe is always able to put up 50 unless you put a lockdown defender on him in the mold of Shane Battier, Gerald Wallace, Andrei Kirilenko, or Kobe Bryant (in which case he'll score 30), but the Nuggets don't have one of those guys (Step up Yakhouba Diawara!). What they have instead is a compete offensive arsenal, especially if all of their guys show up to play, and the ability to simply outscore all but the most powerful of offenses or defenses (or both re: Celtics). Kobe has a better supporting cast than he may realize, but are they enough to stop the onslaught of a driving AI, a slashing Carmelo, and an overpowering Marcus Camby? That's not even taking Linas Kleiza, J.R. Smith, K-Mart, or Nene into account. Yes, Kobe can always win a gme by himself, but I think the Nuggets will be too much for them today.
    Winner: DENVER