Friday, November 30, 2007

NBA Picks 11/30

Yesterday's picks: 1-2

I might be better off flipping a coin... At least I called the Rockets getting blown out last night. Home teams reigned supreme last night, road teams rule tonight (usually that spells disaster).

Today's games:

  • CLEVELAND at Toronto
  • WASHINGTON at Philadelphia
  • MILWAUKEE at New York
  • NEW ORLEANS at Atlanta
  • SAN ANTONIO at Minnesota
  • BOSTON at Miami
  • Portland at DALLAS
  • LAKERS at Jazz
  • Clippers at DENVER
  • INDIANA at Seattle

  • Featured game: Orlando at Phoenix

    We already know that Orlando will show up to play against the big fellas after they took out Boston. We know that they will shoot out the lights if you focus on Glass Howard. We know that the Glass will rip you apart if you don't take him out of the game. So how does a team beat Orlando? Be the Spurs, that's how. The Suns are possibly the opposite of the Spurs (we've already gone over this) when it comes to playing style. They really have no bigs to man up on Howard (Sorry Amare, though we've seen small line-ups do well against big men, re: Harrington vs. Yao) and if Raja Bell doesn't play, who is going to contain the two headed monster of Jameer Nelson and Keith Bogans? Shawn Marion will probably shut down either Hedo or Shard, and the Magic will struggle to keep up, but I think that they want to show the league that they are here to stay.
    Winner: ORLANDO