Tuesday, November 6, 2007

NBA Picks 11/6

Yesterday's picks: 1-0

That is one pick that I am not happy about getting right.

Today's games:

  • PHOENIX at Charlotte
  • DENVER at New York
  • ATLANTA at New Jersey
  • ORLANDO at Minnesota
  • TORONTO at Milwaukee
  • LA Clippers at CHICAGO
  • SEATTLE at Sacramento
  • NEW ORLEANS at LA Lakers
  • CLEVELAND at Golden State

  • Featured game: San Antonio at Houston

    This isn't actually that hard of a game to pick. San Antonio is playing like world champions, while Houston is still nursing its wounds from last night's hard fought loss to the Mavs. However, I'm going go against convential wisdom and pick my Rockets. You can never underestimate the sting of a first defeat.
    Winner: HOUSTON

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