Wednesday, November 7, 2007

NBA picks 11/7

Yesterday's picks: 5-5

I guess I was a bit too high on Toronto. Or too low on Milwaukee? Also, I need to consider home court more often in my picks. As in at all.

Today's games:

  • PHOENIX at Atlanta
  • Clippers at INDIANA
  • CHARLOTTE at Philadelphia
  • Orlando at TORONTO
  • Miami at SAN ANTONIO
  • Cleveland at UTAH
  • NEW ORLEANS at Portland

    Featured game: Denver at Boston

    Boston looks virtually unstoppable with their only weakness being their bench and even that is starting to shape up (I'll admit it). They might be vulnerable to a team with a deep bench (Toronto), but Denver is not that. As far as star power goes, however, AI, Carmelo, and Marcus Camby don't quite give the Celtics trio a run for their money, but come closer than most teams in the NBA (Nash, Marion, Amare?). Their role players have been stepping up as well with Linas Kleiza becoming a big (relatively) scorer, Kenyon Martin returning to form, and JR Smith getting under control. While I believe the Celtics are overall a better team, everyone has off days, and the Nuggets are not a team you want to have a bad day against.
    Winner: DENVER

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