Saturday, November 17, 2007

NBA Picks

Yesterday's picks: 6-6

Ballhype claims that I went 7-4 yesterday, which doesn't make a lot of sense because there were 12 games in action yesterday and I lost 6 of them. Whatever.

Today's games:

  • Seattle at CHARLOTTE
  • PORTLAND at Washington
  • UTAH at Indiana
  • Miami at NEW JERSEY
  • NEW ORLEANS at Minnesota
  • Memphis at DALLAS
  • ATLANTA at Milwaukee
  • NEW YORK at Denver
  • CHICAGO at Clippers

  • Featured game: Phoenix at Houston

    Every team experiences a week from hell at some point during the season and this concludes Houston's. Their schedule had less wiggle room than you sitting next to a fat guy on a bus. 5 games in 7 weeks is bad enough when your games are not @ Charlotte, @ Memphis, vs. Lakers, @ San Antonio, and vs. Phoenix, with two sets of back-to backs in that span. To add to their misery, TMac went down at the midpoint of the week, reducing them to just a shell of themselves. However, they were somehow able to keep the game close against the Spurs yesterday night due to big contributions from Scola and Shane Battier. As we've said before, the Suns are the type of team that lets you hang around, and I don't think you want to do that if the role players of the Rockets are stepping up.
    Winner: HOUSTON

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