Monday, November 5, 2007

Power Ranking the NBA: Week 1

First regular season Power Rankings. We should celebrate.

(Last week in parentheses)

1. Houston (4): Call me a homer, but they looked amazing against the Jazz.

2. San Antonio (1)

3. Boston (3):
Raptors gave them a scare, but that defense looks impregnable.

4. Toronto(9): Owners of the league's best point-differential fought Boston to a standstill.

5. Dallas (5): Slipped up against the Hawks, but now are blesses with two J. Howards on their active roster.

6. Utah (6)

7. Phoenix (2)
I feel like I should drop them farther because they look so sloppy right now.

8. New Orleans (12): They will stay here if they stay healthy.

9. Denver (9)

10. Detroit (7):
3-0, but they had to fight for it against mediocre competition.

11. Indiana (18): Could this be the long-awaited break out of Mike Dunleavy (22 PPG, 9 RPG, 4 APG)

12. LA Lakers (19): They hold this spot as long as Kobe is there to take over.

13. Charlotte (13)

14. Orlando (14)

15. Golden State (16)

16. Memphis (17):
0-2, but played well against hard teams (SAS, IND)

17. Cleveland (11): They look like they really miss Varejao right now.

18. Chicago (8): They look like a young team letting the Kobe trade situation hang over their collective head.

19. Milwaukee (23): Yi looks like he is developing much quicker than expected. Look for the headline Yi-Yao match up on Friday.

20. Atlanta Hawks (24): Beat the Mavs and lost to Detroit by 1, maybe I should be giving the Hawks more credit?

21. New Jersey (22): They haven't actually looked too bd other than that 106-69 beat down by the Raptors.

22. Seattle (28): KD is the best rookie we've seen in a long time, but can the team keep up with him?

23. New York (20)

24. LA Clippers (26):
Hanging in there so far against meager competition, still don't inspire much faith though.

25. Portland (29): Came close hanging in there in a hellish first week (@SA, @NOR, @HOU) that doesn't get much easier in week 2 (NOR, MEM, DAL).

26. Philadelphia (27): Beat Chicago... but...

27. Minnesota (30)

28. Sacramento (25):
Everyone's favorite punching bag have a league worst -17 point differential

29. Miami (15): Off to an 0-3 start, and things to come don't look good (@SA, PHX)

30. Washington (21): All-offense no-defense doesn't work when you score 91 PPG.