Thursday, November 15, 2007

When the Injury Bug Bites

Longtime man of glass, Tracy McGrady, suffered his annual injury during last night's game against the Lakers when he ran into the stonewall that is the quantifiably dirtiest (as in grundgy not like unfair) player in the league, Luke Walton. While trying to break Little Bill's ankles, T-Mac caught his right arm on Luke Walton's body, which bent it back and hurt his elbow.

McGrady: "At the time, I couldn't feel my fingers for a while. When I got to the hospital, I started getting feeling in my hands. It was very painful. Right now, I couldn't play if I tried."

Hm, that doesn't sound good. McGrady had to shoot his free throws with one hand (his left, if you didn't catch that). He made the first and didn't even catch iron on the second. According to Kobe, he and the Mac Attack used to have contests where they would shoot one handed free throws with their off hand, but I'm guessing for these contests they did not have throbbing pain in their other arm.

Currently, McGrady is listed as day-to-day as MRIs showed no significant ligament damage to the elbow, which means that hopefully he wont be out for long.