Thursday, November 15, 2007

NBA Picks 11/15

Yesterday's picks: 9-4

Decent day, some good picks, some bad.

Today's games:

  • Chicago at PHOENIX

  • Featured game: San Antonio at Dallas

    The champs are looking as good as ever right now, especially when TD isn't getting blocked by Kobe. Manu Ginobili loves his role as the 6th man as he is one of the most productive Spurs right now. Dirk seems to have a diminished role in Dallas, but that is partially because of how Josh Howard, Jason Terry, and DeSagna Diop (Yes, DeSagna Diop) have majorly stepped up their games. Jason Terry and Manu Ginobili might match up against each other off the bench, so they might nullify each other's virtually identical efficiency ratings (22.86 and 22.88 respectively). Overall, however, while the Spurs are the reigning champs, the Mavs are the reigning regular season champs, and last time I checked, this is the regular season, and to boot (I use that phrase too often) they are playing in Dallas.
    Winner: DALLAS