Wednesday, February 6, 2008

ESPN is drinking my milkshake

I flip on ESPN tonight, expectng to watch my Blue Devils take on the Tarheels, but instead am treated to a helping of Baylor at Texas Tech. After much swearing and frantic searching on the internet, I'm treated to the message "Blacked out in ACC markets, check local listings." At this point, it is already well past tip off and I am growing very impatient. Why did I have to go to school so close to BC? I flip through the channels looking for any semblance of basketball, when finally I notice a grainy broadcast of the game on the local network (as in very local, this little town) that makes the game loks like it was filmed using a Macbook Camera with the comic book effect on. To boot, UNC is opening up a bit of a gap on my guys.

I hate you, ESPN.