Friday, May 30, 2008

A Grizzly Thought

Photo by Flickr user Vedia used under a Creative Commons license.

So much was made of the KG deal earlier this year, with pundits everywhere crying foul about Timberwolves VP of Basketball Operations Kevin McHale turning down better offers to send the Big Ticket off to his former team in Boston, that I had to get to wondering.

Why wasn't more made about Jerry West basically gifting Pau Gasol to the Lakers, with whom he spent his entire glorious career as a player, followed by a few years there as a coach and an executive?

Pau Gasol has been an integral part of the Lakers success this season, providing the Lakers with a second true all-star and has been basically what has pushed them from being a playoff also-ran to the likely NBA Champions. He played a key role in last night's series-clinching win over Da Champs, pulling down 19 man-boards (9 offensive) to go along with 5 assists and 4 blocks.

Maybe The Logo had nothing to do with this, as he is probably the most infallible basketball figure ever, but I say you can't admonish McHale without the thought entering into your mind.