Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another side of Jerryd Bayless

Paul Dalessio from Reebok via Fleischman-Hillard sends over this video of Jerryd Bayless talking about the upcoming draft and his close relationship with his brother, Justin, who is working as an investment banker at Morgan Stanley.

Avid readers might remember that I described Bayless as "Talented, but doesn't win much," but in the video he talks about how getting stomped by his older brother and his friends when they were kids gave him an unwillingness to lose, which he nicely parlayed into 19-13 record in his senior year at St. Mary's High School and 19-15 (8-10) record on an Arizona team with two other potential lottery picks. Hmmmm.

Well, without further ado:

Interesting sidenote, being a Wall Street investment banker is one of the more lucrative careers someone can have. The Princeton Review lists the average starting salary as $134,000, progressing to $300,000 after five years, and $1,000,000 after 10-15 years. So here's the hot question: Who is going to make more money during the entire span of their career (excluding endorsements), Jerryd or Justin Bayless? The odds-on favorite is Jerryd, obviously, as his rookie contract alone will probably be worth 15 million dollars (at least), but Justin (if he is good), could potentially make between 20-30 million dollars for his career, depending on when he wants to retire (though usually i-bankers retire early from their average 70 hour work-weeks).