Friday, June 27, 2008

Justin Gimelstob should just get a blog

Photo from flickr user gpal

This post is going to fully comprised of quotes because I couldn't put it better myself.

On the current state of women's tennis:
"Justin Gimelstob, who sits on the board of directors of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), which runs men's tennis, described French players Tatiana Golovin and Alize Cornet as 'sexpots.'

"And he said 19-year-old Nicole Vaidisova from the Czech Republic, who was playing at Wimbledon yesterday, was a 'well developed young lady'.

"He claimed there were fewer lesbians on the current women's tour than there were 15 years ago, explaining: 'That's because they're all Russian chicks. And there's some other cute ones out there. There's some talent out there.'"

And on Anna Kournikova:
"She's a bitch...Hate's a very strong word. I just despise her to the maximum level just below hate...I have no attraction to her because she's such a douche. I really have no interest in her... I wouldn't mind having my younger brother, who's a kind of a stud, nail her and then reap the benefits of that. She has a great body but her face is a five.

"If she's not crying by the time she walks off the court then I did not do my job."
[referring to his mixed doubles match against the busty blonde next month, where he vows to "hit her hard with the ball in the midriff whilst serving."]

Gimelstob gives as good as Curt Schilling in my book.

  • Women tennis players are all sexpots and bitches [Daily Mail]
  • [H/T to The Sporting Blog]

    [edit] The aforementioned "sexpots", in case you were wondering:

    Alize Cornet

    Tatiana Golovin

    Nicole Vaidisova

    For the record, I've been a "fan" of Cornet, but I'd take the Slovakian Skeleton (Daniela Hantuchova) over the other two any day.