Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Minute: A pitcher you shouldn't own, but do

There are many players in fantasy baseball that are owned and should not be, read Andrew Jones, but here I will not talk about those bums. No rather today I will begin this series in fantasy baseball minutes on players you should trade away right now, you should act like you are the Seattle Mariners if you have any of the following highly overvalued pitchers.

Fire Sale Players

Rich Harden (5Wins, 2.25ERA, 1.10WHIP, 88K)- What gets you onto this list, is just about everything Rich has wrong with his stats: injury concerns? check, unsustainable 85 LOB%? check, unsustainable 5.6 HR%? check. Although to be fair his xBABIP-BABIP is a minuscule .001, which means his whip is not so crazy.

Not only does he seem overly lucky on paper but Rich Harden is a massive injury concern, having spent numerous time on the DL and having only pitched more than 150 innings once in his career, you should not expect that Rich will be of tremendous use later on in the year.

However what enterprising owners must do is sell Harden, play up his selling points top 30 in Ks, top 20 in WHIP, top 2 in ERA, and forget to mention Harden's injury problems.


Loren said...

Harden is a top-tier talent with bottom tier sustainability. When he pitches he'll be great, but it'll only happen for at best half of a season. If you can get a sap to extrapolate his value during his healthy time to the course of an entire season, pull the trigger right now. Harden's probably not going to land you the Grady Sizemore's of the world, but you just might be able to finagle an Aramis Ramirez or Corey Hart out of teh deal if you play your cards right on someone short on pitching.

By the way, it seems like Thursday is Fantasy day on Pure Point. Reptar comes through in teh clutch when I am blanking on an idea for Living a Lie.