Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yi having too much fun

Yi Jianlian was spotted drinking and canoodling with his pop star girlfriend, Shi Yanfei, during the wee hours last week when he should have been tucked away in bed as it was clearly past his curfew.

Chinese athletes have been punished for spending too much time on personal life and departing from their prescribed training regimen (which I assume involves sleep) in the past, but officials are saying there is no impending punishment for the basketball star.

"We don't have any rules on penalising (players) and we don't have anything like internal punishment," the China News Service quoted Hu Jiashi, vice head of the China Basketball Centre, as saying while denying the reports.

"We don't have anything like internal punishment" is a funny thing to say in general. What if Yi punched Yao Ming, would there be internal punishment?

In any case, the real story here is how smoking hot Yi's girlfriend is. And from what I've seen of Chinese pop stars, she probably doesn't even have to kneel.

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    Rob Mahoney said...

    Yi, color me impressed.