Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The grass is greener

Gerald Green has gotten another chance to try his trade, as Dallas Mavericks have signed the wunderkind (can I still call him that?) to a one-year deal.

According to the Dallas Morning News, GG is "a player they hope will be the next Brandon Bass." The next Brandon Bass?! We're giving up on the T-Mac comparisons already?

As is often said, Green has enough talent and athleticism that he'll keep getting chances around the league. Every team that signs him will think they can harness the reservoirs of potential that lie inside of him, but inevitably he ends up the same: uncoachable, lost in offensive and defensive sets, and absent in time outs. I was destroyed when the Celtics traded him to the Wolves, elated when the Wolves traded him to the Rockets, and ultimately indifferent when the Rockets dropped him.

Yes, GG is a patron saint of this blog (come on, I have a tag labeled "Gerald Green is better than your mom"), but even I have to concede that he might be better suited for the And One league. I used to be proud to don my Gerald Green Celtics jersey (goes well with my Battier and Detroit Darko jerseys) to go to games and have everyone think the best number 5 on the Celtics was Kevin Garnett, but now it's almost embarrassing. What happened GG? Why can't you just get your head in the game? You were the chosen one! You coulda been a contendah!

Here's hoping that Green finds his way in Dallas and turns into the next Brandon Bass like we all hope.