Monday, July 21, 2008

Reverse Ankiel in progress?

Royals SS Tony Pena Jr came in and pitched a meaningless 9th inning in a 19-4 loss to the Tigers. Still, he was very effective in his outing, allowing no baserunners and striking out one (Pudge). He threw 12 total pitches, 8 of them for strikes, mixing a 91 fastball with a 75 curve.

I think he could have a career as a mop up releiver, especially since he kind of sucks as a SS (Career .237 average, 4 total homers, in 3 partial seasons).

We saw Adam Loewen make the switch last week, why not the reverse for Pena?

[edit] So that we aren't ridiculed, here's a link to Driveline Mechanics, who got a similar impression from Pena's appearance, and he added in some pretty graphs and stuff to boot.