Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No Spin Zone

Photo by Flickr user monkeycat! used under a Creative Commons license.

Tonight the Lowell Spinners, the Single-A squad for the Boston Red Sox, will be trotting out a fun promotion that they've been doing for a couple years now, a Politically Correct Night. The game will poke fun at the idea by renaming the basemen as "Base-people", the shortstop as "Vertically Challenged Stop" and not announcing errors so as to not offend the players. It's a nice little idea, and should be good fun for everyone involved except for maybe the announcer.

However, tomorrow night, the Spinners will take it to a whole other level, when they inaugurate their Politically Incorrect Night. What this night entails is that the first 250 female fans to arrive at the ballpark will receive potholders, only men will be allowed to partake in on-field activities, and the elderly will be designated a special section where they are allowed to nap during the game, as well as several other politically incorrect things that they might not have said on the radio. Hopefully, they say, everyone will realize that everything is done in jest.

Clearly, the Spinners are impervious to backlash (Do they seriously think that no one will be offended by this?).


Jon said...

LMAO!!! Gotta love the minors. Something like this could possibly only fly there. Amazing, "vertically challenged stop." Saw this on Keep the good work comin' our way man.

SoxAddict said...

The Spinners are the Single-A team, not the Double-A team.

Loren said...

Fail for Me.

I should know that with my lovefest for the Seadogs...