Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Video of Tony Pena Jr. Pitching

I'm not a specialist in mechanics by any means, but Tony Pena Jr. looked pretty comfortable on the mound, especially after he got that first out of the way. His curve doesn't have too much of a hook to it yet, but I assume that if he ever does decide to convert, that's something he'd work on. His fastball looks pretty solid though, lots of late life, including heavy sinking action. His sidearm-ish delivery is something that will give righties a lot of trouble as well.

Most importantly, Pena looked like he was having fun on the mound. He seemed nervous at first, and in the first at-bat was only throwing in the high 80's. As he threw more pitches, he cranked up his fastball to 91 and eventually introduced that curve, which was good enough to fool Pudge (who must not have thought that TJ had it in his arsenal). Get this guy a pitching coach, and it looks like he could help a couple ball clubs out (including the Royals).